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Wala Apis Belladonna With Mercury Globules 20g

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Apis Belladonna With Mercury

Area of use: According to the anthroposophical knowledge of man and nature, apply among others in the following cases: inflammation in the initial state and inflammatory diseases that return chronically with or without fever, in particular those in the mouth, nose, of the throat and skin as in the case of erysipelas, inflammation of the glands in the chest (mastitis), inflammation of the lymphatic vessels (lymphagitis), inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media).

Contraindications: do not use in cases of hypersensitivity to bee venom.

Dosage: in case not otherwise prescribed, infants and children up to 6 years: 1 to 3 times a day, in acute cases every hour or every 2 hours let dissolve 3 - 5 veiled globules under the tongue. With newborns it is advisable before administration to dissolve the recommended dose in a little water or unsweetened infusion. Adults and children aged 7 and over from 1 to 3 times a day, in acute cases every hour or every 2 hours take 5 - 10 veiled globules and dissolve them under the tongue.

Composition: In 10 gr. of veiled blood cells are processed: Active ingredients: Apis mellifica ex animal toto Gl Dil. D4 (HAB, prescription 41c) 0.1; Atropa belladonna and fructibus ferm 33a Dil. D3 (HAB; prescription 33a) 0.1 g, (The components have been strengthened together with regard to the last level) contains sucrose (sugar).