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Yves Saint Laurent



THE NATURAL COLOR OF A TINT MEETS THE DEEP NUTRITION OF AN OIL TO LIGHT UP THE LIPS OF PLEASURE A new generation make-up, the first YSL Beauté lip oil that becomes color. The deep nourishment of a balm with moisturizing properties on the lips, which appear nourished, plumped, voluminous. An ultra-shiny effect thanks to a comfortable texture that glides like a glove over the lips. Hour after hour, the oils dissolve, but the brightness of the color intensifies for a "lips bitten by desire" effect. The natural color of the lips is enhanced with a natural radiance. The light is captured by a combination of oils and reflected to bring out the natural beauty of any woman.


An unprecedented formula with two unique characteristics: "COLOR LINK INFUSER" Oil is an imperceptible and difficult to manipulate element. Although oil and dye naturally repel each other, YSL Beauté has succeeded for the first time in making opposites attract and form a whole for an effective result. And so the magic happens. Developed by YSL Beauté, the high-stability "COLOR LINK INFUSER" technology helps to homogeneously infuse the dye particles into the oil to obtain an innovative hybrid formula. Captured, the color spreads in a continuous flow and never ceases to acquire intensity. Hour after hour, the oils dissolve, but the brightness of the color intensifies for "lips bitten by desire". 5 PRECIOUS OILS, THE ESSENTIAL FOR INTENSE NUTRITION A delicate, rich and divine substance, the oil is known for its nourishing and softening virtues for the skin. The formula of VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL is based on a skilful complex of 5 oils, which allows you to release the color while taking care of leprosy together: - Apricot kernel oil - Macadamia nut oil - L Coriander oil - Jojoba oil - Passionflower oil. The precious passionflower oil is known for its extraordinary nutritional properties. Historically present in one of the most cherished places in Yves Saint Laurent - the Majorelle Garden in Morocco -, passionflower blooms only in daylight and closes at dusk, drawing most of its energy when the sun is at its zenith. VOLUPTÉ TINT-IN-OIL, enriched with passionflower extract, nourishes the lips and, above all, prevents dehydration. Lips are cared for, soft and superbly nourished from application. Their natural beauty is preserved throughout the day.